Wayfinding Design

Guiding People
Through Places

It seems that simple. But so many new and aging facilities struggle with poor wayfinding.

Visitors are getting lost, personnel are frustrated, and efficiency is declining.

If this sounds familiar, your facility may benefit from a comprehensive wayfinding analysis and master plan.


From General To Specific

In an unfamiliar and complex environment, visitors can easily become disoriented. Being bombarded with too much information and choices will make navigation more difficult.

When developing a sign plan, professional wayfinding designers develop an informational hierarchy and graphics system that guides from general to specific.

This allows visitors to make simple decisions that get them to where they need to go, and back.

What Makes a Wayfinding System Successful?

  • Clearly Defined & Identified Spaces

    Parking Lots, Buildings, Primary Corridors, Elevators,Departments

  • Cohesive Pre-visitation Information

    Accurate Website & Educational Literature

  • Spatial Orientation

    Floor Plans & Maps

  • Progressive Disclosure

    General-to-Specific Flow of Information

  • Clarity of Message

    Unambiguous Language & Common Vernacular

  • Good Typography

    Proper Layout, Typography & Kerning

  • Environmental Cues

    Landmarks & Graphics

  • Ease of Updatability

    for Accurate & Up-To-Date Information

Why Invest In Wayfinding?

A professionally designed signage system and wayfinding plan will help minimize the frustration and dissatisfaction associated with becoming lost or disoriented, while also saving your facility time and money. Contact our design team and let us demonstrate how we can greatly improve the way people experience your facility.

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