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Social Distancing Signage & Wayfinding Solutions

Reinforce social distancing protocols in your healthcare environment while maintaining consistent design standards and improving wayfinding.

As a national signage and wayfinding provider, Creative will help you avoid the clutter and confusion that many healthcare facilities are experiencing with the influx of COVID-19 response graphics and amenities.

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How to Think about Your Response Plan

It's obvious that social distancing and COVID precautions have had a massive impact in healthcare facilities, adding clutter and confusion to an already overwhelming environment. 
To get you started back on the right path, here are some helpful ways to think about your response plan to help improve wayfinding and patient experience.

Break down COVID response into 3 categories


Signs and graphics that contain detailed information and instructions such as pre-entry requirements and symptoms of infection.


Signs and graphics that guide visitors along their way and regulate traffic flows such as arrows and "No Entry".


Non-signage items that help prevent the spread such as PPE stations, shields and barriers.


Fast vs slow information

Placement is key. Avoid posting slow information in fast locations and vice versa. 

Fast Information

Fast information influences pedestrian movement and behavior and controls access. Placement includes entrances, pathways and other high-traffic areas.

Slow Information

Slow information is used to display rules, requirements and guidelines. Placement includes waiting and communal areas where movement is limited.


focus areas

Some examples of the most important areas of your facility to address.
View model floor plan.

Entryways are crucial as they create bottlenecks where visitors may come in close contact with one another. Entering a lobby can also be one of the more overwhelming parts of a visitor's journey.

Component Groups

Focus on typical nodes of activity like entrances, lobbies, reception, elevators and stairways. Creating a standard group of components for each of these scenarios will make programming the entire facility much easier.

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