Our approach to signage component design considers the future of the system and those charged with maintaining the original design intent. As a result, we create a flexible, easily updated signage system which fulfills the day to day operational needs, while providing a contemporary and timeless aesthetic.

Interior Signage:

Pocket Design
To make sign updates easy, most of our signs feature a pocket design which allows inserts to be changed in-house within a matter of minutes. For example: a typical directory or directional contains numerous individual surface printed strips that cannot be changed in-house and further have to be rearranged in alphabetical order whenever a service or department changes. Our system consists of a single pocket (or pockets as necessary) and insert. This allows the template to be quickly pulled up on the computer, adjusted, printed in-house and then slid right back into the sign, which saves you time and money. There is no need to reorder a new sign panel or re-alphabetize all of the panels. Just change the insert, print and replace – it is that simple.

Inserts, Templates & Software
We provide templates for easy sign changes and a custom software program that auto scales and prints out Room ID inserts which ensures that staff throughout the facility can make quick and consistent updates. In addition, the majority of signs are specified around standard printer / paper sizes - this allows updates to be done on standard desktop computers and printers.

Component Based System
Our signage system is component based. Sign panels and pockets fit into our anodized aluminum framing system. This allows pockets and panels to be removed and/or replaced to update an insert, expand the existing sign or change its function.

Exterior Signage:

Changeable Panels
Our extruded system allows sign panels to be removed and updated ensuring that your system is always current. From pylon signs to small post and panels, sign faces can be removed from our aluminum tracking and new faces inserted for easy updates.

Hinged Faces
To further ease the maintenance and updates throughout the lifespan of the signage system, large illuminated pylons feature hinged sign cabinets which provides access to all electrical fittings, LEDs and light ballasts.

LED Message Units
From large scale full color message units at a campus entry to small monochrome units at parking lots, LED Message units can be incorporated into our signs for community relations, important announcements or frequently changing information. We provide easy-to-use, intuitive software with step-by-step wizards that effortlessly create content and schedules.

Digital Signage:

Our digital signage systems are easily updated through our software using ViewPoint Editors. Simple point and click changes allow you to modify/edit directory listings, content, text and graphic directions. Our staff performs in-depth training sessions and actively monitors the system through our AutoAlert management system. If you would like our staff to make updates on your behalf that is not a problem. No cost updates are included for 1 year with our system.